Young Midland Woman Fundraising To Fight Child Trafficking Both Locally And Nationally

Published 03/11 2014 03:43PM

Updated 03/11 2014 03:52PM

Lindsey Miller fundraising to stop child trafficking.
Lindsey Miller fundraising to stop child trafficking.

Midland, TX -- Recent federal reports show child trafficking, child pornography and international sex tourism bring in billions of dollars a year across the globe.

25-percent of people brought into the crime, come from Texas.

"We have a lot of youth in our community so, all of us, even adults are susceptible to exploited," said Lindsey Miller.

According to federal reports, one in five girls and in one in ten boys in the us are sexually exploited before they reach adulthood.

At 20-years-old, Miller is already taking steps to help address the issue of child trafficking locally.

"I did a lot of community work over in Dallas and that's really how I got a heart for the community I'm living in currently," Miller said.

According to Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter, anyone, be it a child or adult, can get caught in human trafficking.

"Prostitution is one of the oldest crimes on the books. And as long as there's people, there's gonna be prostitution. And it's something that's illegal and it's a violation of the law. We're gonna work it," Sheriff Painter said.

Sheriff painter says the city of midland saw it's last child trafficking incident about three years ago.

In Midland County, it was about two years ago.

Both involving 17-year-olds, one of which was brought to Midland from Lubbock.

"She was threatened with her life if she didn't prostitute," Sheriff Painter said.

Miller joined recently joined Love146, a registered public charity and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, made to combat child trafficking and exploitation.

Once she joined as a fundraiser, she put down a goal of raising $20,000 dollars by the year 2015. A number Miller says she told by god.

"After I clicked 'save' on the website I was like, 'oh snap, like, that's a big number you know?" Miller said.

Sheriff Painter says the attorney general's office stopped by to aid in the training of local law enforcement prosecutors in fighting this form of slavery.

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