Technology Tuesday February 27, 2018

LUBBOCK, TX -- - Nokia 8110: Banana Phone is Back

The Finland company HMD is recalling the golden days and is remaking Nokia 8110, or better known as the 'banana phone.'

First released in 1996 and best recognized from The Matrix, it has a curved shape and a slider that reveals the phone's keypad. The remake has a bigger screen, and it comes in both yellow and black.

This may be a nostalgia bait, but HMD also re-released the Nokia 3310 last year. While the updated version had a touch screen, the company kept the very popular game Snake the same.

The 'banana phone' has 4G network capability and costs $97.


AR Amazon

Amazon is trying to revolutionize the way shoppers shop. The online store is using augmented reality to let their customers virtually try a product at home before they buy it.

Using an Apple or Android device, shoppers can see exactly what that furniture, home decor or toy might look like inside their home without having to purchase it.

I suspect Amazon will move AR into other areas of their retails. Just imagine seeing a sweater that you really like and being able to map it onto your own body,” Mark Ellwood, author of Bargain Fever, suggests.

The retail giant is joining a growing list of companies now offering the latest augmented reality technology.


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