Technology Tuesday February 28, 2017

LUBBOCK, TX - Be the First to Use New Apps

Beta programs are testers that allow developers get rid of all the bugs before it is released to the general public.

Users get to test out a new app or a new upgrade to a popular app. Some even get to test out new phone software for Apple or Android phones that provide feedback the developer to help make the full release ready to go on release date.

You can sign up to test out these beta programs in many different places. Windows has the 'Insider Program', Apple allows their users to got to and register there, and Android has an 'early access' on the front page of their play store. Even Snapchat is allowing some for their Android users to test out new features on their app.

But it's important to keep in mind that with all the beta programs you are testing they can crash on you since they still have some defects the developer is working on removing.


Know What Your Teen is Doing

Phones have become such an important part of everyone's daily life. And for those generations that have grown up in the new fast high-tech world they can't seem to disconnect from the online world.

Teenagers use their phone as a gate to staying connected with their friends without actually being with their friends. Many parents still worry who their teen is talking to, what they are talking about, when they meet, where they meet and how long they have known each other. has come up with away for parents to find answers to those questions without making their teen feel like they are being interrogated.

For a monthly charge of nine dollars, parents can use to keep an eye on their teens cyber activity. Parents will receive an alert if the program catches any sign of cyber bullying, sexting or anything that can potentially harm the child.


Parents are also encouraged to learn some of the acronyms used in texting.   

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