Technology Tuesday February 6, 2018

LUBBOCK, TX -- - Safer Internet Day
Upwards of 140 countries are taking part in 'Safer Internet Day' this year. This year's theme is to create, connect and share respect. It's an invitation meant to foster positive digital experiences for everyone, especially for the younger audience base.
The day is a good reminder to talk to your kids about safe exploring and to set parental controls on your kids' devices. This marks the 15th year of 'Safer Internet Day' after it started in Europe.
5G LTE is a cellular network that should make your phone faster. The 5G speeds are becoming a big deal among cellular carriers, which are working on developing and testing the 5G network on their towers.
Researchers are trying to develop new ways of using the new 5G speeds. They are wanting to use the technology in remote surgery using virtual reality gloves. This would pave the way for doctors to operate on a patient on the other side of the world via a robot.
Researchers are also looking into digitizing a piano player's hand to help teach people how to play remotely.
You can expect 5G networks to launch through your cellular carrier in 2020.

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