Technology Tuesday January 23, 2018

LUBBOCK, TX -- - Apple's HomePod

Pre-orders start this Friday for Apple's HomePod. The smart speaker is set to hit store shelves February 9.

HomePod will go head-to-head with other smart speakers on the market like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Apple's device can play music and podcasts, as well as read you the news. Another feature is to control other devices in your home through Apple's voice assistant, Siri. It will cost you $350 for Apple's smart speaker.


Gamer League

Should parents allow their children to play video games for pay? If so, how much? Well, kids may have a better case in that argument.

Aaron Kim spent most of his teenage years on the couch playing video games. But this year, the amateur gamer, whose screen name is Bischu, signed his first professional contract worth six-figures with the Overwatch League.

I just kind of laugh and say I play video games professionally,” Kim said.

Bischu often has to tell people that it's 2018, and professional gaming is a thing. Overwatch, a multiplayer battle video game, is the latest phenomenon in the popular world of eSports.

Bischu and his teammates live under the one roof. They have nutritionists and practice with coaches, just like other professional athletes.

I was almost jealous of my friends having that team-bonding experience in a sport. But I was able to find that in eSports,” Kim says.

These players have a huge fan following. They turn out for the league's debut match in Burbank, California. There are an estimated 191 million eSports fans worldwide. Last year, the industry made $660 million in revenue. That figure is expected to grow to $1.5 billion by the year 2020.

Those numbers have attracted big name backers like New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and LA Rams owner Stan Kroenke.


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