Technology Tuesday June 13, 2017

Lubbock, TX - Monitoring Social Media

Technology is everywhere you turn. It's no secret young people love their electronic devices. Many have a smartphone, tablet, laptop and a wearable device.

With so many devices with internet capability, how can parents monitor their child's social media activity?

Barbara Esparza monitors her kids' activity by not allowing them to have their phones in their bedrooms. Barbara adds, “They all check-in their phones at 8 o'clock.”

Another rule that Barbara has is that she needs to have access to their history and anything they may have been doing on their phone during the day.

A survey found that 70 percent of parents felt like they could do better when educating their children about online safety. While 37 percent say that they don't set any parental controls when their child gets a new device. Many parents say they wouldn't know what to do if their child's account was ever hacked.


Law enforcement encourages parents to be more vigilant with their children's social media activity. It will be the biggest help to all law enforcement track child predators through social media and keeping your children safe.

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