Technology Tuesday October 24, 2017

LUBBOCK, TX -- - Alexa, the Virtual Assistant

The hottest device out there isn't one that you need to touch or even see. It's not even a device but more of a virtual assistant. Alexa has been changing the lives of its users since she was first introduced in 2014 with the Amazon Echo.

The voice-activated, Alexa, has been integrated into all of the Amazon devices. But the high demand for voice command software has allowed Alexa to reach more people by allowing third-party hardware makers to build Alexa into their own devices.

Shirley Ritter, is one of Alexa's users and Ritter has been amazed with how quickly she adapted to the device.

Ritter lost most of her sight and when her CD player went out she opted to get an Amazon Echo with Alexa built-in that has changed the way she listens to music.

“'Cause I don't have to go over there and try to adjust a knob or try to get the right channel or anything. All I gotta do is tell here what I want and she does it.” Ritter explained.

Alexa even has the ability to control the lights for Ritter. That goes back to the integration of Alexa and multiple third-party companies.

Ritter uses Alexa for many things like checking the weather and getting news briefs. She even gets a joke here and there from Alexa.

All while being hands and eyes free.

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