Technology Tuesday September 26, 2017

LUBBOCK, TX -- - Teen Driving

New technology is designed to put parents at ease when their teens are driving. According to AAA, new teen drivers are three times likely to be involved in a deadly accident.

But the teen driving option in General Motors and Ford vehicles will allow parents program the car that their teen drives before they get in the drivers seat.

The parent have the ability to control seat belts, speed limit and even the radio volume of the car their teen is driving.

“And this you can limit the speed of the vehicle,”father Michael Harley explains.

Michael Harley, father and freelance writer,was given a loner car by GM to test the technology for a couple of weeks.

The technology provides a report card, hard breaking, excessive speed, tailgating it's all recorded and then reported back to the parent.

Not only can you limit the speed of the car but you can also limit where your teen travels for a monthly fee a parent can see if their teen stays within the agreed boundary.

“Family link is gonna text you when they arrived at work, when they arrived at home, or at their friend's house,” Harley said.

Patrick Harley, Michael's son, knows his dad is going to know what hes doing on the report card. But this allows for conversation between Michael and Patrick to help improve Patrick's driving.

“They're not there with you the entire time and they can only see how you're doing from a distance, which is through the report card,” Patrick Harley says.

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