Leach files Court Papers

Leach's lawyer filed what's called a motion for expedited discovery, which is part of his lawsuit  against Texas Tech for his wrongful termination. Basically they are trying to get depositions and documents from Texas Tech relating to his termination and they want it done quickly.

The documents say coach Leach would be harmed by any delay in getting the facts regarding his termination.   Leach claims that on December 30th, he was wrongfully terminated by the University. He says tech has given conflicting statements about the basis for terminating him, which casts doubts about there motives for doing so.

They claim Chancellor Kent Hance said he wanted to solve the problem, and can't believe this has happened. But two days later three current and former members of the schools Board of Regents said the firing was largely the result of ill will left over from the heated contract negotiations early last year. 

  The documents were filed in the 99th district court which is Judge Bill Sowder's court. Sowder is the former Lubbock county district attorney.

Read the documents by clicking the icon below.

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