Many Unhappy As TxDot Moves Forward With Plainview Project

The Department of Transportation says changing certain I-27 access roads from two-way lanes to one-way streets will make the roads safer and more efficient. 
    At a meeting Monday night, hosted by TxDot the majority of feedback was negative. Most said the changes were unnecessary and would hurt Plainview's already fragile economy.
"Our economy in this town is fragile we didn't get rain for 13 months around here. I'm already feeling the effects of the first project on HW 70. I think it's going to be the end for some of our businesses. I don't see how they can cope with such a loss," said Jim Fitzgerald, Plainview business owner.

    But Tuesday trucks began testing the soil under overpasses for the project.
    Those who spoke at Monday night's meeting say if TxDot was not going to listen to their opinions, why hold the meeting in the first place?

"But those businesses are going to be affected. They haven't asked for any input. It's like the Texas Department is a railroad and they're going to run over you," said Plainview property owner David Wilder.

TxDot says at this time, they plan to go ahead with the project. It's expected to cost $17 million dollars.
$14.6 of that is covered by the voter-approved proposition 12. Construction could begin as early as this fall.

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