Residents Unhappy With Lubbock Leash Laws

Some Lubbock dog owners are frustrated with the City's leash law and the way it's being enforced.
    A Lubbock police officer issued tickets Monday night, to people at Tech Terrace park for not having their pets on a leash.

"I thought to myself man, I hope they don't get in trouble for that and sure enough, not 45 seconds later we see an officer hoping the curb. I don't really find the justification of giving people tickets for having their dogs out," said Justin Zimmerman.

 Zimmerman was at the park with his dog when he watched the officer jump a curb and drive through the park to give the citations.

 "I don't take kindly to that and there's a lot of folks around here that don't really like the fact that an officer is driving on to public property like that," said Zimmerman.

    Zimmerman thinks it was excessive, and says off-leash socializing is good for dogs, their owners, and the public in general.

There isn't a single dog park in Lubbock, but Randy Truesdell with Parks and Rec says many have expressed a desire for one.

" We get calls, probably one or two a week," said Truesdell.

    A dog park was one of the top items in Lubbock's Master Plan, but Truesdell says it hasn't happened yet for a reason.

 "It's funding, we currently have no funding to develop a dog park. We've had several people offer to help us develop funding and sponsorships, and I think as that progresses, I think that we could do some in kind labor and maybe contribute some way in doing that," said Truesdell.

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