Wife of Former Absolute Fuels Employees Talks to KAMC

Former Absolute Fuels, LLC employees are speaking out tonight, drawing attention to their new life without a paycheck.

KAMC sat down with the wife of one former employee who says she feels hurt by Jeff Gunselman and the way employees have been treated since the start of the federal raid.

Employees last received a paycheck October 9th.  They were scheduled to get their next paychecks two days after federal agents moved in.

Because of the raid--and because employees' pay comes from accounts frozen by the Secret Service and EPA--employees have not been paid.

That's put some employees without their only source of income.

One employee told KAMC she is having trouble paying her mortgage.

Another shared the difficulties they face when potential employers ask about their job at Absolute Fuels, LLC.

KAMC will air the second part of the exclusive interview with the former employee's wife Wednesday, which will dive into working for CEO Jeff Gunselman, being friends with him and his wife and details of his lavish lifestyle.

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