National Mistress Day

Published 02/13 2014 02:54PM

Updated 02/13 2014 03:00PM

According to - You won’t find Mistress Day, Feb. 13 on your calendar, but it’s a day that just as important to a cheating man’s mistress as Valentine’s Day is to his wife. On Feb. 11 an article in The Economic Voice defined Mistress Day for those unfamiliar with this unofficial holiday. The Economic Voice also published the results of a new study from which found that 71% of cheating husbands plan to see their mistresses on Feb. 13 so that they can celebrate Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14 with their wives. See Mistress Day Excuses Cheating Men Use to Conceal a Feb 13 Valentine Rendezvous

Keep an Eye on Your Man

If you’re a wife or girlfriend who suspects her spouse or significant of cheating, you would do well to keep a close watch on the whereabouts of your man. This is the best time to catch a cheating mate. See Why Valentine’s Day is the Best Time of Year to Catch Your Cheating Mate.

If your husband or boyfriend is cheating, he has to steal some time from his schedule so he can give his mistress her Valentine’s Day gift.

Hooking Up with His Lover on Mistress Day

Be very suspicious if your man turns up missing today for an extended period of time.

Be equally suspicious if he concocts a lame, or trumped up excuse to go somewhere without you this evening, or do something that doesn’t involve you. See Mistress Day Excuses Cheating Men Use to Conceal a Feb 13 Valentine Rendezvous

If his mistress is someone he works with, he may arrange an extended lunch, or an afternoon tryst. Or he may take his mistress for dinner at a fancy restaurant, followed by a rendezvous at an upscale hotel.

Look for additional tips in my column today on how to catch a cheating husband or boyfriend on Mistress Day.

More Tips on Catching a Cheating Valentine

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