Winds Blow Chaos Across Lubbock

Those notorious West Texas winds made quite a foot print Sunday.

Adalena and Melissa thought they woke up to a Texas sized tornado, when they found an uprooted tree totaled their SUV.
    "I've never seen anything like this. I knew that the winds were strong and I've been in Colorado for the past five years, and to come and see the wind and it knocked the tree over, I'm just completely taken away by it," said Adalena.

Sunday's wind damage kept emergency crews busy most of the day with power lines down and outages all over the city. And there was no escaping it, most Sunday flights were canceled or delayed.

Charles Lawson battled the elements Sunday to bring in just 75 cents per paper.
But there is a perk Lawson says Lubbockites were a little more generous to the salesman.

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