Perry Says Lubbock Not Likely to Go Without State Rep in Next Session

Published 06/08 2014 01:17PM

Updated 08/04 2014 01:47AM

Image of Charles Perry from
Image of Charles Perry from
LUBBOCK, TX -- Current State Representative Charles Perry of Lubbock said Friday that portions of Lubbock, Lubbock County and the rest of District 83 are not likely to go any time without representation in the upcoming legislative session.

Perry is very much interested in running for the District 28 State Senate Seat – assuming that soon-to-be Texas Tech Chancellor Robert Duncan indeed resigns the Senate in order to go lead TTU.

So, here’s the question; would Perry resign his 83 to run for the 28 seat? The answer is yes and no.

“You don’t ever vacate your seat,” Perry said. “You might resign from the ballot. Officially, I would be off the ballot as soon I run.”

But Perry would still be the District 83 Representative while on the campaign trail for the State Senate seat.

“If it’s a November ballot, I would be on the ballot as a Senator,” Perry said. “I will have removed myself from the ballot so the [District 83] House seat can effectively be picked by the County Chairs [of the local political parties].”

“You cannot be on the same ballot for two different positions,” Perry said.

“As far as I know, it’s not legally realistic for him to be on the ballot for both even if the elections are not on the same day,” said Lubbock County Republican Party Chairman Carl Tepper. “He will have to choose one or the other.”

So running for 83 and 28 at the same time is not an option.

“We will have a Representative [for District 83] when the [2015 legislative] session starts,” Tepper said. “I can assure you of that.”

The Governor might call an emergency election in August or a special election in November. If it’s in August it would give whomever wins the District 28 seat a seniority advantage among newly-elected members in the State Senate. But, it would cost taxpayers from Wheeler County to Upton County and everything in between. In Lubbock County alone the cost is more than $200,000.

But Charles Perry said it is Governor Rick Perry who gets to decide the election date.

“Rick Perry controls this more than anyone else once Duncan makes a decision,” Charles Perry said.

Tepper said if the election date is in August there is no requirement for a runoff because it would be considered an emergency election. However, a special election in November still requires a runoff if no one gets a majority of the votes for State Senate.

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