Amarillo Tascosa Upends Coronado to get 1st Win

In high school football tonight, we had coach Kent Jackson's Mustangs went up to Amarillo to take on the winless Tascosa Rebels.

Both teams were playing for pride in this one trying to finishing out the season.

In  the 1st quarter its was 3rd and 15 for the Stangs, when Greg Hewett set up the screen perfectly to Andrew Ellison who got a couple of blocks to springs him loose for 46yds all the way down to the Tascosa 40.

Same drive, off a big Tascosa penalty, the Mustangs take advantage Hewett with the option keeper off the right side shed a tackler and got inside the Reb's 10 yard line.

The Coronado went with the Wild Mustang. And Robert Lee took the snap and followed his blockers and went in for 6, they took the 7-0 lead.

Then a QB change really hurt the Mustang "D", as Peyton Brooks used the speed option to keep it and finds a seam 22 yards to the house were all tied up at 7.

Next Rebel drive, more bad news for Coronado this time Brooks gave it to Austyn Beasely untouched 11 yard td 14-7.

And the Tascosa Rebels got their first win of the year 28-14 over Coronado.


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