Tech loses Two Players

The Red Raiders lost two players off the roster on Monday after Offensive Guard Bryan Thomas left the team and Urell Johnson will transfer.

Brian Thomas, who transfered from Texas A&M, was helping an offensive line that has been plauged with injuries and sickness throughout the early part of camp. Thomas struggled with an acid reflux problem, that was holding him back.

Thomas was still on the team when at the end of practice when Tommy Tuberville was asked if Thomas might consider leaving the team altogether.

"Yeah, he's just got too many pohysical issues," Tuberville said. "He was with the 2nd team, and went down to third team, and physically he couldn't make it through an full practice, so I don't know whether he is going to make it or not."

As for Johnson, Coach Tuberville said Johnson, was down on the depth chart and wanted to get back home, closer to his mother.

"Yeah he wants to transfer to Southern Miss," Tuberville said, "You know, he was down on the depth chart, and he wanted to try and see where he was going to be going into the first week and he just didn't make a move up.

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