Where Are They Now: Hall of Famer Sheryl Swoopes

Sheryl Swoopes grew up in Brownfield, Texas playing basketball with her brothers starting at the age of seven.


"I had no idea that later on down the road basketball would practically change my life and give me so many opportunities," Swoopes said.


Swoopes spent a semester at the University of Texas before realizing she wanted to be closer to home. She then transfered to South Plains College, with her eyes on Lubbock the entire time. When people ask her why Tech, it's an easy explanation for Swoopes.


"Why not? When i came back and went to South Plains i knew that if Coach Sharp still wanted me, Texas Tech would be my final stop."


Swoopes won a state title in high school, the 1993 NCAA National Championship, four straight WNBA titles and three Olympic gold medals but when asked about her accomplishments, she couldn't pick just one as her favorite.


"To sit here and say this one means more to me than the others i can't say that because it's really not true. Every level i have been successful on every one of those accolades means something to me."


In the off-season Swoopes joined Texas Tech women's basketball as a consultant, but Coach Candi Whitaker says her value is immeasurable.


"She has been a tremendous asset in so many ways to me to doing things in the community to recruits to building relationships and mentoring our players. It has been great having her here," said Whitaker.


"I talk to these young ladies and i say to them don't take anything for granted and enjoy being a college student. What i eamn by that is it's four years of your life that is really going to fly by," Swoopes said.


Having accomplished all of her wildest dreams, Swoopes is back to where it all began, the South Plains.


"I've been gone from Lubbock for over 20 years and the excitement around town and everyone being so supportive, I'm overwhelmed and not in a bad way. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. I'm so grateful and so thankful to be back home."




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