1999 Story Reveals Kingsbury's Resilience, Mindset

Rick Dykes Talks About His Fondest Memory of Kingsbury

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury already has his name near the top of the history books when it comes to Red Raider quarterbacks.

It wasn't because of five-star talent or a rocket arm. Kingsbury worked his way to the top because of stories like these...

At halftime of Spike Dykes' final game as Tech head coach, the Matadors trailed 28-10 to the Oklahoma Sooners. That wasn't enough to get a redshirt freshman QB(who was starting his first game) down.

Running up the tunnel, Kingsbury patted his coach on the backside and simply said: "We got 'em right where we want 'em, coach."

That, according to Spike's son(and at the time, Tech's offensive coordinator) Rick Dykes.

Kingsbury threw for three touchdowns and would rush for another, as Tech completed the comeback to beat OU 38-28.

What did Kliff say about this year's team and their attitude while facing adversity?

More on that in the video provided...

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