Texas Tech Releases Affidavits

Texas Tech released the Affidavits pertaining to the investigation into the Adam James mistreatment Saturday Afternoon. The accounts here are different from comments made by coach Leach in the media. These statements were made by Steve Pincock, head football trainer, on Dec. 21, 2009, and team physician Dr. Michael Phy on Dec. 22, 2009, to the investigative attorney. Also, in her interview with coach Leach on Dec. 21 he confirmed these accounts. Further, Leach mentioned the abusive language addressed to Adam James and said "if I didn't say it I wish I had." After coach Leach's conflicting recent media accounts of the treatment of James, the university asked witnesses to sign affidavits attesting to their original statements. These are those signed affidavits. **Warning they contain explicit language**

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