Coronado Roughed Up By Midland High 56-6

The Midland High Bulldogs in town facing Coronado this evening and it's all Midland, early.

Midland's Mazelle Justice on the receiving end of the kick off and he answers big. Returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown and they will go for two, 8-0 Midland.

Next up Midland quarterback Conner Beck completes a deep pass to DeAndre Goodley for the touchdown, 15-3 Midland.

Later, still in the first QB Conner Beck again this time doing it himself and carrying it into the endzone for a 12 yard TD. They tack on their lead 21-3.
End of the quarter, Midland backup quarterback Sam Grimes connects with Goodley again on the screen and he takes it 27 yards for his second touchdown and Midland is up 28-3.

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