Idalou Battles Kermit

In Division 2-A we had a couple of teams looking to remain unbeaten in district play And we start with the Idalou Wildcats in division 1.

Idalou hosting Kermit tonight at Reddell Field.

In the 1st Idalou receiver Koal Hochin took the pitch and goes 31 yards into the end zone for the Idalou td 7-0 wildcats.

Now Kermit quarterback Austin Williamson loses the ball and Idalou's Matthew Constantine jumps on it, Idalou would eventually score to make it 14-0.

Now a new quarterback into the game for Kermit, Jantzen Mitchell, but he also loses the ball and Idalou' Alex Tarin gets a hold of it and he will take it in for the touchdown, 21-0 wildcats.

And now in the 2nd Seth Regan for Idalou keeps the pedal to the floor, hits Donta Johnson for the 26 yard touchdown.

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