With Heavy Hearts, Monterey Retains the Spurs 49-14

Here we are in Week 10, The last tune-up for someteams and think about this, the Spurs game always impassioned regardless of how good the teams are but this year.
Both teams heading to the playoffs and postseason seeding on the line.

When Lubbock High and Monterey lace em up and they did that tonight out at Lowery, a late kickoff heavy hearts for Monterey.

After Coach Reese Fleming's passing Monday, first Quarter Brandon Hernandez, takes the handoff and carries it for the first down, knocked out at the Monterey 35.

Later in the drive, Hernandez again, this time he will finish the job, going in from 35 yards out and Lubbock High jumps on top 7-0.

Ensuing drive though Jacob Bartholamae hands it off and Monterey goes for about 15 yards right here setting up this Bartholamae on the 10-yard touchdown run, as Monterey ties it up.

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