1400 Miles Bike Ride Raises Money for Prostate Cancer Research

A film crew is following Davis Tucker and other craft beer brewers on as they cycle 1,400 miles.

North by Northwest Restaurant and Brewery owner, Davis Tucker, started the idea of a 1400 mile bike ride on a lark.

"A conversation with some mutual friends led to on of the friends saying why don't you ride your bike to Denver to raise money for prostate cancer and I was like OK."

Davis Tucker and whoever else volunteers is biking 1400 miles from Austin, Texas to Denver, Colorado to raise money for prostate cancer research through pints for prostates.

Tucker said he became a supporter of the cause after his brew master Don Thompson was diagnosed.

"The idea was to do something that guys related to. You know beer and bikes are a good way to start a conversation about prostate cancer with guys."

Tucker said most men are too shy to talk about their health conditions and may wait too long to get checked out.

"I wanted to do this to honor Don and I also wanted to do this as a way for other guys to have a chance to say hey its nothing to be worried about, nothing to be ashamed of, lets go get this checked out."

Tucker takes his bike and a special bus called the "Beer-liner" to pit stops in cities along the root with bands and food to raise more money for the cause.

"We're taking donations for beer and food and all those proceeds will go to pints for prostates, every dime will go to pints for prostates."

Tucker said If you can't come out to get some food or if you can't handle the bike ride you can still help by visiting their website.

"1400miles.com and you can and you can go to the website and you can follow the events that we're doing and follow the ride that we are doing."

You can follow the ride and donate money for the cause and Tucker said every penny counts.

"It's great for the guys who are suffering from prostate cancer and its great for informing the folks who hopefully won't have to suffer from prostate cancer."

The bike ride will end in Denver in time for the Great American Beer Festival. 

If you would like to learn more or donate you can visit www.1400miles.com

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