21-Year-Old Brutally Beaten in the Depot District

Samantha Servin says she and her friend were attacked in the parking lot of Club Heaven Saturday night.
*Warning: The pictures in this video are gruesome. 

Police are actively looking for who is responsible for the brutal beating of a man and a woman in the Depot District.

Samantha Servin tells us four men attacked her and her friends at closing time in the parking lot of Club Heaven. 

They were leaving a concert nearby.
"How could four men hit someone as small as me they way that they did?" 

Samantha Servin tells us four men approached her car as she was leaving the concert around closing time this weekend.

"I yelled out- I said I'm going to call the police. I was hoping it would have scared them away, that they would have just left it at that. After they knocked my friend out they all started attacking me at the same time," Samantha says.   

A few minutes later she says, they took off running and jumped into a white four door car. 

"One of their guys, I guess was left behind. He came, hit me, with all of his might. My head hit the car. It dazed me," she said. 

Samantha tells us she went running back to where the concert was held.

"I banged on the door screaming. They caught me. My head was pounding so hard that I was afraid if i fell asleep, I was gonna go into a coma," she said. "I'm the mother of two children, I couldn't risk that." 

She and her friend were immediately rushed to UMC.

"My God was just watching over me that night," says Samantha. "I honestly thought they were never going to stop hitting me." 

That night- Samantha was treated for multiple bruises and a severe mouth injury.

"Right now I sing for a living.  I can't eat properly, I can't even chew. But I do know that I'm not gonna give up on this."  

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