2nd Case of West Nile Virus Confirmed In Lubbock County

More confirmed cases of West Nile on the South Plains. KLBK's Michaela MacDonald has more on what doctors say you need to look out for.
This was the second human case of West Nile virus confirmed in Lubbock County just in the last three weeks.

Right now we don't know the ages of the patients or the severity of the cases.

Nearby Hale County has one case and Floyd County has two cases.

The disease cannot be passed from human to human. Some of the symptoms of the disease include high fever, headache and stiff neck.

Nurse Practitioner Lisa Taylor says you do need to take this disease seriously, but you should not panic.

"We have had a couple of cases of West Nile in Lubbock County. And most people who get West Nile are not going to be having any symptoms. 70 to 80% of people who are infected don't have symptoms. The time to worry is if you get a headache, a stiff neck, you get a fever after getting mosquito bites, you need to be checked," said Taylor, with Physicians Network Services.

Taylor says if you have any of these symptoms, especially a fever, you should get checked by your doctor.

"People with compromised immune symptoms, those with cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure ,or kidney disease really need to be extra vigilant to make sure they put on mosquito repellent, make sure they have their limbs covered, not going out at dawn or dusk, those will be helpful measures to take," she said.

Remember the four D's in dealing with mosquitoes: wear protective dress, avoid outdoors during dusk and dawn, use spray with DEET and drain standing water.
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