A Call For Action In East Lubbock After Recent Shooting

A call for action in East Lubbock tonight, dozens of people met at Estacado High School in response to recent shootings at a nearby night club.
By Michaela MacDonald

LUBBOCK, TX -- More than 50 people came out to a community action meeting at Estacado High School Monday. They were brainstorming ways to cut down on violence and increase community involvement on Lubbock's east side.

"Concerns for the neighborhood, passion for what I know it can be," said East Lubbock resident Natalie Ayers-Dalling.

Ayers-Dalling says she came to Monday's meeting because she believes in a bright future for the east side.

"I feel very positive, there are a lot of people who are very passionate about the east side and not just talking about it," said Ayers-Dalling

One of the catalysts for the meeting was the deadly New Year's Day shooting at the Skool House Club on East 4th st. For Ayers-Dalling that shooting hit close to home.

"My brother Christopher Ayers was actually one of the people who were murdered there at that same club when we came down for the fourth of July weekend," she said. "We had just celebrated a light ceremony for him because his birthday was on Christmas and to know that there was another death there for the New Year was pretty disheartening, so it was definitely something that we needed to discuss and we did."

Some of the ideas discussed at the meeting were promoting home ownership, economic development, parental involvement, and accountability. Kevin Mcconic is one of the organizers.

"We need to start coming together, we need to change the idea of who the east side is, of who we are on the east side. We want to really get to a point where we are proud of our community again, whether folks that are willing to come out and people are willing to be a part of our community, come over and be a part of our community at any time they want to. We want accountability for folks in the community," said Mcconic.

Ayers-Dalling says she's optimistic this group can help create change.

"For me, I think to just not allow my brother's life or death to be in vain, to be able to look at the east side not from a negative stand point because there's a lot of great things there a lot of history there, but to learn from that and to build from that I think that is something we are definitely going to be able to do," she said.

One of the other things discussed here tonight was follow up. This group says they don't want this to be a one time thing, they are planning on having future meetings. If you want to get involved, email Kevin at kmcconic@gmail.com.

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