Allegations of Bid Rigging Lead to Special LP&L Board Meeting

Lubbock Power & Light has called a special meeting for next Wednesday amid the Mayor’s call for a special investigation. LP&L might conduct its own investigation. UPDATED 2:19 PM
By James Clark

(LUBBOCK, TX) - Lubbock Power & Light has called a special meeting for next Wednesday, 9:00 AM, amid the Mayor’s call for a special investigation.  LP&L might conduct its own investigation.  Mayor Glen Robertson said Thursday afternoon there were allegations of bid rigging concerning contracts currently under consideration by LP&L.  The Council will consider the Mayor’s request for an investigation next Thursday.

LP&L is considering the construction of a new power plant or buying wholesale electricity after the spring of 2019.  LP&L has issued an RFP or request for proposals.  That’s just a fancy way of saying LP&L has gone out for bids.

Bids for city projects are tightly regulated by state and federal law.

Sources say there is evidence that confidential information was leaked to a company that is associated with one of the bidders. 

Mayor Robertson used the term “bid rigging” in his comments Thursday. 

On the LP&L agenda for next week is an item to discuss the job performance of LP&L's Chief Executive Officer Gary Zheng and the bids.  Another item will propose the hiring of an outside investigator.

Two members of the LP&L board called for the meeting Friday morning.  They are Marc McDougal and Clayton Isom.  McDougal had no public comment due to the Mayor’s call for an investigation.

Isom told, "It's a very serious situation."

He added, "Everyone involved deserves a thorough discussion and handling of the situation - not only the board but also the staff."

* Corrected: The special meeting is for Wednesday, not Tuesday. 

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