Alliance Federal Credit Union Offers Furloughed Federal Employees a Grace Period on Payments

Alliance is giving members furloughed due to the government shutdown time to pay.
Alliance Federal Credit Union is offering members who are furloughed federal employees and worried about making ends meet, a bit of a break.

They have extended a grace period to all of these members for 15 days after the furlough ends.

Payday for federal employees is October 11th... and most folks expect to only see half of a pay check.

By the end of this month, it could be worse.

They say many of their furlough federal employee members are concerned about their financial situation during the government shutdown.

And they hope this grace period will relieve the stress of late fees and making payments for these people.

The grace period will not begin until the furlough ends, and then members will have those 15 days to make payments.

If you are a member- Alliance encourages you to meet go to any location and meet with a financial officer.

Make sure to bring in a proof of being furloughed, such as an email.
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