Angelina Medina’s Lawyer Fires Back at City Attorney

Angelina Medina’s attorney, Audie M. Reese, said there is an “ongoing investigation of the criminal acts of [City Attorney] Sam Medina.”
By James Clark

LUBBOCK, TX – The estranged daughter-in-law of City Attorney Sam Medina made a written statement through her attorney Tuesday.

Angelina Medina’s attorney, Audie M. Reese, said there is an “ongoing investigation of the criminal acts of Sam Medina.”

On Monday Sam Medina asked that he be placed on paid leave amid an allegation of sexual assault by Angelina Medina. Mr. Medina vehemently denied the allegation.

The divorce with Sam Medina’s son, Erik, has been described as “bitter” and “vicious.”

Reese said, “We prefer and trust that our justice system will allow this young woman to protect her rights and the rights of her children by revealing the truth and by not allowing these rights to be overrun and trampled by power, position, and money…”

Reese also said Angelina Medina “does not wish to pander to public opinion on these very private matters.”

On Tuesday, City Councilman Victor Hernandez said he is taking a “wait and see attitude.” As a lawyer Hernandez said he understands the American principle of “innocent until proven guilty.”

“I have no problem placing him on paid administrative leave for a period of 30 days,” Hernandez said.

The City Council has a specially called meeting for Thursday afternoon. An item on the agenda allows the council to consider Medina’s future “including but not limited to placing the City Attorney on administrative leave.” That same agenda allows the City Council to “to hear a complaint or charge against the City Attorney.”

Only complicating matters, City Councilwoman Latrelle Joy is the attorney representing Erik Medina in the divorce case. Joy said she can’t comment.

Mayor Glen Robertson on Tuesday said, “It’s a distraction. It diverts our attention from where it really needs to be.”

Last week made an open records request for the job evaluations of the City Manager, City Secretary and City Attorney. During Thursday’s meeting the council will consider how to respond to the open records request.

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