Anonymous Donation Made To Family of Priscilla Maldonado

A Lubbock resident made an anonymous donation of art to Priscilla Maldonado's family Monday.
LUBBOCK, TX -- A Lubbock resident came forward Monday, donating a piece of art to Priscilla Maldonado's family.

According to the family, Priscilla is still fighting for her life, and in critical condition at University Medical Center.  She was injured in car accident Friday night which also killed her mother, Erica Ysasaga, 27, her father, Jesse Maldonado, 27, and her little sister, Jocelyn Maldonado, 3.

The person did not wish to be identified, but rather, gave a piece of art to the family.  Monday, Jesse Madrid, Erica Ysasaga's uncle, as well as Priscilla Madrid, Erica's sister, and Jesse Maldonado, Erica's son, stopped by to pick up the artwork. 

"It's a blessing, and that's something that's going to be treasured, forever, because, you know, Erica was the world to us, and whoever donated this, I really want to thank them from the bottom of my heart, thank you, whoever you are out there, I wish I could meet you some day," Jesse Maldonado, Erica's uncle said.

"I'm thankful for the donations and for everything that everyone is doing, and I ask for prayers for my niece Priscilla, and for my family, I'm so thankful for everyone," Priscilla said.

They said they have been at little Priscilla's side all weekend, and are thankful for all of the prayers and support that has come for the family since Friday night.

A fund has been set up by Madrid at to help with the cost of funeral expenses for Jesse Maldonado, Erica Ysasaga, and Jocelyn Maldonado.  There are also plans to set up a fund at Wells Fargo.  There has been another fund set up by a different family member at Plains Capital Bank, also to help pay for funeral expenses.
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