Baby Born With A Heart Defect Now Exceeding Expectations

Bodie Gannaway was born here in Lubbock 2 years ago with a heart defect. After a few complications Bodie is now exceeding doctor's expectations.

At two years old Bodie Gannaway has already been through a lot.

Bodie was born with a congenital heart defect.

“Called Tetralogy of Fallot,” his mom Stephanie Gannaway said.

One in every 110 children have the disease.

“There is no known cause and there is no cure,” Gannaway said.

At 6 months old Bodie underwent surgery but Gannaway said recovery did not go so well.

Bodie had total systematic failure of his major organs.

“He suffered an anoxic brain injuries during one of those long cardiac arrests where he did not get sufficient oxygen to his brain,” Gannaway said.

Bodie spent 150 days in the hospital and had to have his foot amputated due to a lack of oxygen.

But a year and a half after coming home for the first time Bodie is showing signs of major improvement.

“He says no, he says uh-uh, and some form of ma,” Gannaway said.

Bodie is learning to walk and talk thanks to 12 therapy sessions a week.

His favorite are hippotherapy-where he rides horses and aquatic therapy-where he can play in the pool.

“It’s so emotional,” Gannaway said. “First of all he survived things that he probably shouldn’t have survived and now a year and a half later he is leading out a heart walk. That’s amazing, that’s amazing progress.”

On October 19th Bodie took his first three steps ever when he started off the race at the American Heart Association Heart Walk.

Gannaway said Bodie gets a lot of help from big brother Ethan.

In fact, Ethan tells people nothing is wrong with little brother.

“Ethan is a very compassionate, very caring, very involved older brother,” Gannaway said. “He uses Bodie as a race track and they play.”

Gannaway said getting Bodie healthy has been a family effort.

She said Bodie is doing better than they could have ever expected and they are excited to see where he will go in the future.

“I think Bodie will continue to surprise and amaze people with what he is able to do despite his brain injury,” Gannaway said. 

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