Big Wheels Deliver Meals gives Special Lunch to Meals on Wheels Recipients

For 17 years Lubbock Meals on Wheels has been bringing local celebrities together to deliver a special lunch in classic cars

Assistant Director Lubbock Meals on Wheels, Lisa Gilliland said the special lunch is provided by Sonic.

"Sonic will be donating 710 meals on Friday. It's a hamburger and tater tot lunch and they'll be donating those to feed all our meal recipients as well as all the celebrities and car drivers who are invited back to our office for lunch that day."

The Big Wheels Deliver Meals Program brings in local celebrities to deliver the Sonic lunch to meal recipients and Gilliland said they will be in classic cars.

"They get to meet someone that they watch on TV, or someone that may be their city council person. So it's a nice time for them to get to meet some of the important people in our community, see the great old cars, and enjoy the wonderful lunch from Sonic."

Rodney Warren owns the Sonic franchises in Lubbock and he said he is happy to donate the meals each year.

"It's a really good feeling after you do something, I could take them anybodies burger and I'd feel better about it."

Gilliland said the special meal is a treat for the recipients but it can also snag a few more volunteers.

"And on the flip side it gets people in our community, city council people, TV personalities, people from the radio, involved in the mission of meals on wheels so that they are well aware of what we do, who we feed, and who we serve."

Warren has delivered meals with the program in his classic car before and said the volunteers benefit as much as the people getting the meal.

"There are a lot of people less fortunate than you or I and for whatever reason they're shut up at home and a smile and a hot meal does them good, does them wonders. They will thank you more than you could ever think about."

Meals will be delivered from 11 am to 12 pm Friday September 20th.

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