Businesses Worry Thursday Game Not Ideal for Bottom Lines

A rare Thursday night game next week has some businesses wishing it was a weekend game instead.
While Texas Tech's first home game is only days away, some businesses are already thinking about a rare Thursday night game, coming up on August 12th.

"A Thursday night nationally televised game is huge for Texas Tech football, Coach Kingsbury deserves it, the football program obviously deserves it," Eddie McBride said. "Very happy for the university and the football program but it does hurt."

McBride is the president of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, and said a non-weekend game means less revenue coming into Lubbock.

"To be honest with you, we don't know exactly what to expect, other than we already know the hotel nights are way down than what they would have been if it had been a weekend game, so we know there won't be as many generated through the hotels as we normally would expect," McBride said.

There could be less people in some hotels, but not for the Arbor Inn & Suites, who said they are sold out for the August 12th game.

"The business for that particular game, it's going to be down, some, but you're also going to pick up the difference of what you would have had on a typically Thursday night," Rob Meyer, owner of the Arbor Inn, said. He said for a business owner like himself, Thursday's are not ideal game nights, as people will usually only stay one night for just the game instead of multiple nights.

"If I could talk to the people who make the schedules, we want a 2 o'clock Saturday game because that makes people stay on Friday to get to the game on time, it's late enough to where they won't drive home," Meyer said.

McBride said he's not sure exactly what will happen next Thursday, for both businesses or anyone heading to the stadium for the game.

"It'll be something that we're not used to experiencing, so it's going to be new, It'll be a madhouse around the campus you know having a Thursday night game, the parking alone is going to be interesting," McBride said.

To find out more about parking for the game that day, click here.
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