Central Lubbock Gas Leak Fixed

Lubbock Fire and Rescue were called to a gas leak today after an LP&L worker struck a 2 inch gas pipe.
        Lubbock Fire and Rescue shut off Broadway and Main Street from University to Ave U after reports of an LP&L truck striking a gas line. 
        Lubbock fire and rescue were out here this morning after a gas leak was caused by an LP&L worker digging to place a power post... 
        Broadway and Main Street were shut down from university to avenue u until about 1215... 
        The only business really affected by the leak was the funeral home near by. They were to be evacuated.
        Captain Nick Wilson with Lubbock Fire and Rescue said they were never in real danger but were asked to leave as a precaution until the leak was shut off. 
        Crews worked on the leak for about 3 hours today 
        The gas leak was shut off by Atmos Energy...        
        The funeral home was able to resume business shortly after. 

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