Check Your House Before You Travel

Before you take off for the the holidays, make sure your house is secure. We have the tips here.
Many of you are headed out of town for the Christmas holiday--
But before you head off to grandma's house... It's important to make sure you're leaving your home as secure and safe as possible.
If you're leaving... There's a few things to check up on to secure your house. 
We spoke to Alan Rich with Lubbock Sight Sound and Security... 
He says the best thing you can do is to make it look like you're home. 
Have on a few lights inside the house or a tv. 
But put them on a timer 1. For fire safety and 2. To make it look different like someone is in there. 
Also check that dead bolt on doors and window locks are properly working. 
"Well the object is to try to make it look like you're there and you're not gone." said Alan Rich, owner of Lubbock Sight Sound and Security.  

That's the biggest piece of advice from Alan Rich.
And that's what John and Kara... Lubbock residents who are leaving for the holiday's aim to do. 

"We have an alarm system and we have two dogs and so we have a dog sitter that comes 3 times a day" they said. 

Rich says to put your lights on timers... To appear someone is home... 

"They always want to do their dirty deeds in the dark
Leave lights on in dimly lit areas" suggested Rich. 

Plus-- let someone know you'll be gone... So they can check on your house... 

" Hagving people come ovet three times a day and they usually send us a  few text messages everyday and let us know how the dogs are and how the house is so that's reassuring." said John.  

And another tip for this digital age--
Don't post you're leaving on sites like facebook and twitter... 

"I am on social media and i guess... I suppose it would be obvious that we weren't in Lubbock but we don't annouce hey we're leaving right now so" said Kara. 

"I would say definitly keeping your plans on a need to know basis is definitely and not posting it for the whole world to see" Rich said. 

And if you have a security system... 

"Call your installing company or monitoring station adn go ahead and ask them to put your system on test." 

And place a sign in your yard warning other's your house is protected. 

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