Christmas Lights Don't Have to Lead to High Electric Bill

Experts give us tips on how to decorate without breaking the bank.

By: Meredith Hillgartner

For Karyn Pfeiffer putting up Christmas lights is not about the money-it is about the message.

“We like people to come by and enjoy our lights,” Pfeiffer said. “It makes us think of all the blessings that we’ve had to share with other people.”

Pfeiffer said she and her family put up lights every Christmas.

After a year of high electric bills, Pfeiffer said they wanted to continue with tradition.

“When we put up our Christmas lights we definitely notice a little bit of a change in the electricity bill,” Pfeiffer said. “I think it’s just our way of spreading the Christmas spirit.”

“The last couple of years have been really, really good,” Mike Vinson said.

Vinson is the owner of Holiday Lighting.

He said the company puts lights on more than 400 houses each year.

And some of his customers do look for ways to save a little money.

“I’ve had some people ask to turn their timers back a little bit,” Vinson said. “You know instead of six to ten [do] six to 12 because they think that’ll save them a little bit of electricity.”

Another way to save money- wait a little later in the season to put them up.

But Vinson said the biggest change is to switch from incandescent to LED bulbs.

“This bulb draws somewhere between a sixth and a tenth as much electricity as this bulb,” Vinson said.

LED bulbs are durable; so they will not easily break and the color does not wear off either.

But you can not beat how much electricity they are going to save.

“The big advantage is just they burn so much less electricity,” Vinson said. 

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