City Attorney Denies Allegations, Attributes Them to Bitter Divorce

City Attorney Sam Medina requested that he be placed on paid leave Monday amid allegations that his defense attorney described as “sexual assault.”
By James Clark

LUBBOCK, TX – Lubbock’s City Attorney Sam Medina requested that he be placed on paid leave Monday amid a situation his defense attorney described as allegations of “sexual assault.”

“These allegations are absolutely false,” Medina said in a public announcement late Monday afternoon inside the City Council chambers.

Medina explained, “My oldest son Erik is going through a divorce with his wife Angelina. Unfortunately she has decided to a bitter, vicious custody battle. ”

Medina also said, “As often happens in these cases, she has made some desperate and false accusations.” has attempted to reach out to Angelina Medina to ask for her side of the story. Those efforts continue.

Medina hired local defense attorney Rod Hobson who stood with him in Council Chambers and said, “She has accused him of sexual assault. These allegations are ridiculous, ludicrous and false.”

Hobson said, “In this day and age it seems anyone can say anything about anybody – no matter how ridiculous. Okay. It’s been said. Now is the time to put up or shut up.”

Hobson then asserted that Angelina Medina will not be able to prove the allegations against Sam Medina.

Erik Medina was present but did not issue a statement. Mayor Glen Robertson was also present and offered a brief statement.

“There are few things as fundamental to our justice system as the presumption of innocence,” said Robertson. “That presumption is fully in place in this instance.”

Robertson called a special meeting of the Lubbock City Council on Thursday to formalize Sam Medina’s decision to be placed on paid leave. However, the agenda item is phrased in such a way as to allow the Council several options for Medina’s future.

Why would Medina ask to be place on leave? It is to avoid a potential conflict. “As a City Attorney, from time to time, I have to advise city government as to when to place someone on administrative leave. Since, I am named directly in some of these accusations, I cannot advise the city as to what to do with me.”

No criminal charges have been filed through the Lubbock Police Department, and no police report has been made public. However, if the situation were investigated as an internal affairs matter then there would be no police report yet.

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