City Battling Worst Illegal Dumping Problem in 17 Years

Illegal dumping has plagued the city for years and the problem is now at an all time high.

By Ashley Hinson

LUBBOCK, TX -- Illegal dumping has plagued the city for years and the problem is now at an all time high.  

"We're seeing everything from furniture, mattresses, appliances," said Stuart Walker, Lubbock Code Director.

In his 17 years working in the code department, Walker said he's never seen as much illegal dumping as he has this year.

"They'll find an alley where nobody is around or they know of a place that's secluded where they can just pull up a truck and just kick the stuff out and drive off," said Walker.  "It's a breeding ground for vectors of disease."

The problem has gotten so bad that the city is considering installing cameras.

"In the past we've used some security cameras to try to catch dumpers so we're looking at bringing those back," said Walker.  "But really we rely on the community.  If you see somebody dumping call our office at 311."

City ordinance states that all items must be placed inside the dumpsters, not around or near it.

If caught in violation you could face a fine of up to $200. 

However, even if you didn't actually do the dumping yourself, but the items are on your property, you're still responsible.  

"The property owner or the adjacent property owner is responsible for cleaning up those items," said Walker.

He urges everyone to use the city recycling centers to throw away big items.

"The city also has recycling centers open now to the citizens of Lubbock," said Walker.  "We encourage you to take bulky items to the recycling centers."

Recycling Center Addresses:

Caliche Canyon Landfill
8425 N. Ave P
Lubbock, TX 79403

Solid Waste Collections
208 Municipal Drive
Lubbock, TX 79403

West Texas Regional Disposal Facility
17304 N. FM 2528
Abernathy, TX 79311

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