City Council Hears From Citizens, Does Not Take Action on Water Rates

City Council had almost 2 hours worth of citizen comments at Thursday's City Council meeting.
Lubbock City Council had about two hours worth of citizens comments Thursday night at their City Council meeting.

While some were still talking about their LP&L bills, and issues with the June 1st rate increase, one woman spoke about the possibility of smart meters in Lubbock, and how she did not want them in the City.

Councilman Todd Klein had two resolutions on the agenda. One was about forming a Citizen's Advisory Committee for LP&L issues, but that was an item he requested be held off until another meeting.

His other resolution on the agenda was looking at water rates, and possibly wanting to discuss getting rid of the current average winter consumption that is currently used to determine a home's base reading for water usage. 

Prior to the meeting Thursday, Klein said, "Let's separate out and do what we do with other utilities, a commercial rate and a residential rate, and have them separated, and recognizing that there will be a different percentage probably for block one in terms of number of gallons in a commercial rate that it would be for residential."

During the citizen comments portion, one man stood up to disagree with Klein, saying that he felt the average winter consumption made water rates fair, as a family that uses less would then be charged less.

The resolution about water rates died at the meeting Thursday, with no one choosing to second Klein's motion about the resolution. That meant there was no discussion and no action taken.

One woman stood before Council Thursday and alluded to the possibility of more recall attempts coming for other City Council members. Currently, Councilman Victor Hernandez faces a recall election in November, while Councilman Floyd Price had a recall attempt against him that was just deemed invalid by the City Secretary.

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