City Council Votes To Postpone EUB Appointments

Thursday, the Lubbock City Council voted unanimously to postpone making any re-appointments or new appointments to the Electric Utility Board
In a long night for Lubbock City Council, they tackled numerous issues, many involving LP&L.

The first was to postpone the vote on re-appointments and new appointments to the Electric Utility Board. This vote was taken out of order and done early on in the meeting, before citizen comments.

Even though they decided to postpone the vote, the Mayor said a number of people signed up to speak about the issue, and he still encouraged them to speak so that the Council could hear their opinions.

Another item on their agenda in regards to LP&L was an item the Mayor put on the agenda a week ago. The Mayor wanted the City Council to consider doing an investigation into a recent bid put out by LP&L. Wednesday, a day before the City Council meeting, the Electric Utility Board voted to hire an outside attorney to do an investigation. Because of this, the City Council voted to postpone indefinitely, and ultimately kill, the need for the city to do an investigation at this time.

Councilman Victor Hernandez had an item on the agenda, which was for the city to waive attorney-client privilege and release attorney Tom Riney's report from July, 2013, in regards to the issues between Councilman Hernandez and former City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld. Councilman Hernandez wanted the report released, but only drew support in the vote from Councilman Todd Klein and Councilwoman Latrelle Joy. This failed in a 4-3 vote.

The other big talker on the agenda was an item from Councilman Klein about the dangers of texting while driving and distracted driving. This time around, Councilman Klein was not proposing a ban, but rather wanted a public awareness campaign. Police Chief Roger Ellis told the Council LPD would gladly work with the City in a campaign, but the item was tabled for later since it was so late in the night.
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