City Falls Behind on Weed Control

The city's codes department says they've fallen behind on maintaining properties not in compliance with city ordinances.

The City of Lubbock says they've fallen behind in keeping up with weed control. While the number of weeds are up -- the supply of mowers is down

"Because of the drought over the past couple of years, my contractor pool is down," according to the city's director of codes enforcement, Stuart Walker. "I don't have as many contractors to go out and mow properties. So, we are behind."

The city has 350 properties currently waiting to be mowed. There are 1,700 total out of compliance properties in their system.

"I've got about 350 properties ready to be mowed. That means they've already gone through the system and they're waiting to be assigned to a contractor so that the contractor can go out and mow those properties," Walker says.

A property is considered out of compliance with city ordiance when the weeds are taller than eight inches, and cover a majority of the property. 

And if you're blatantly choosing to ignore your weeds -- watch out, because it can cost you some green.

"We send a bill to the property owner for the cost of the mowing, which can be anywhere from $15 to a couple hundred of dollars, depending on how much we have to mow," Walker says. "Plus there's a $150 administrative fee."

Despite falling behind in maintainence, Walker says that for the most part, Lubbock property owners are pretty responsible about taking care of their yards...and keeping an eye out for those around them.

"The citizens of Lubbock are very good about taking care of their property, just as they are good about calling in properties that need attention," Walker says. "The bulk majority of the cases we see are vacant, or properties that just don't have anybody to tend to them."

If you suspect a property in your neighborhood may be out of compliance, you can call the city's weed hotline at (806) 775-2290 and report it. A representative from the codes department will come out and inspect.  

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