Cold Weather Does Not Keep Crowds From Holiday Happening

Despite cold temperatures and freezing rain thousands of folks packed the civic center for the good cause.

By: Meredith Hillgartner

It was a packed house at the civic center for this years Holiday Happening.

“We’re the post office right,” Megan Graham said. “Rain, sleet, shine, we’re going to be here.”

Junior League publicity chair Megan Graham said Friday was a little slow but everything was back to normal by Saturday morning.

“We were a little worried last night but this morning has proven that Lubbock loves to support Holiday Happening because we are packed,” Graham said.

She said Saturday is normally their busy day but today’s turn out was better than ever and she thinks it is because they can provide a full day of entertainment.

“They park once, we have the petty cab guys to give them a bike ride up to the front door, then there is two different halls with food around the corner,” Graham said. “So it really is a place you can come and spend the entire day.”

Tech students Chelsea and Casey said they wanted to get out and do a little Christmas shopping before finals and they were not going to let a little cold weather stop them.

“I just love shopping, do a little shopping before finals get here,” Casey said.

“You’ve got your Ugg boots, jacket, you are good to go, gloves, not worried about it,” Chelsea said.

It is supposed to snow over night but Graham said not to let that stop you from coming to see them.

“Snow boots!” Graham said. “They are selling them inside, come and get them.”

They Junior League is planning on keeping Holiday Happening open on Sunday but if there are any changes they will let you know. 

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