Community Gives Tent City a Merry Christmas

Thanks to donations from local businesses and residents Tent City residents get special presents

By: Meredith Hillgartner

Frank Morrison can not help but brag about the Hub City.

“It is just so exciting to be a part of something like this where you get to see the generosity of the residents of Lubbock,” Morrison said.

Morrison is a part of Link Ministries-the group in charge of Tent City.

He said this holiday season has been full of happy surprises for his residents.

“It’s humbling to me to see how people really do care about those less fortunate,” Morrison said.

Morrison said the gifts started with 16 year old Sierra from Ralls.

“She spent her Christmas money to bake cookies and to provide gifts, hygiene and other gifts, for the residents,” Morrison said.

And continued with a Lubbock father who wanted to teach his kids a lesson on giving to those less fortunate.

“They made cookie baskets and made the cookies themselves and brought them out and distribute them to us,” Morrison said.

But residents got more than just cookies when a local insurance company, ArmTech, jumped in.

“Cassie our manager gave them the information of each individual out here,” Morrison said. “So they brought personalized gift baskets for each one. They brought in three small, wood-burning stoves that we have put over in our building and are able to provide some heat and warmth.”

Morrison said residents were touched by the effort.

“Residents were just blown away with the generosity of this company and the people of this company,” Morrison said. 

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