Community Raises Six Thousand Dollars for Child's Funeral

Antonio Rojo was just 5 years old when he died after accidentally hanging himself last Friday night.
The community has raised $6,000 to cover the funeral costs of a 5 year old who accidentally killed himself last Friday.

Antonio Rojo died after accidentally hanging himself with a toy after his mother had put him bed. Because his mother does not have insurance, Antonio's funeral arrangements were going to cost the family $6,000 out of pocket. 

When they heard the news, family friends stepped in to lend a hand. 

"Tony was one of the most awesome little kids you'll ever meet in your life," says Kim McGee, a close friend of Antonio's mother. "He was so personable. You just couldn't help but not to like him."

McGee and friends set up donation centers at shops around the neighborhood to raise the funds. By Monday afternoon, they had already raised $6,000 - the total cost projected for Antonio's services. One Stop Smoke Shop on 50th St. knows the family well, and collected $2,000.

"It's just so surreal at this point, to know that in two days Lubbock could come together and make something out of nothing," says McGee "[The family] now has everything they need at this point to give Tony the burial he deserves."

Antonio's funeral will be held this Thursday. Lubbock Police have ruled the death accidental, and will not be carrying on any sort of investigation.

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