Confederate Flags Not Removed By Tech Amid Concerns

Confederate flags hanging in Texas Tech dorm windows. Some are offended, but what does the university say?
By Michaela MacDonald

LUBBOCK, TX -- Drive down 19th Street by Flint and you'll see three confederate flags hanging in these Texas Tech dorm windows.

A concerned viewer reached out to us saying: "Today I was saddened when I saw what I believe to be Confederate flags proudly displayed from Tech windows facing 19th street. I'm so hoping this is NOT encouraged by Texas Tech administration."

We took to campus to see what students had to say.

"I think its okay to have freedom of speech and be able to talk about, just as long as you do it respectively and are not rude or pushy about it," said student Wade Fullingim.

"Especially here they are trying to put an image out, they are trying to say this is what we believe instead of keeping it to yourself. You know there is a difference in that just trying to influence on others almost," said Makayla Kinney, also a student.

"I'm not even sure what it means so I would be ignorant to really you know, I guess comment a lot about the confederate flag but as far as I'm concerned I stand for what I want to stand up for and they should have right to stand up for what they want to stand up as long as they don't effect people negatively I feel they are okay," said student Lidia Cepeda.

University officials say these flags do not violate university policy and students have a right to express themselves.

But other universities have had different responses. The University of Rochester forced a student to take down his Confederate flag in October of 2013. Back in 2011, the University of South Carolina Beaufort asked a student to take down his flag, but then reversed their decision.

"Its different because I am used to smaller schools and so its different that they wont stick up for others," said Kinney.

"The university not getting involved and saying nobody can do that I think is a good thing, said Fullingim, "As long as its not causing the public harm, I mean you know I think its good people are going out and speaking their minds."

"From the position of the dorm you cant really do much. I mean if people feel bothered then maybe they should politely ask but if I put a flag of my own which could be any flag would just want people to respect it," said Cepeda.

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