Councilman Klein To Propose Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign

City Council will be discussing a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of texting while driving and aggressive driving in Lubbock. For more details on what to expect at the meeting, our Michaela MacDonald spoke with Councilman Todd Klein today.
"They are often talking on their phone or texting as they are passing me," said Christina Rangel.

"I see a lot of distraction out there, texting on the phone, I've even seen them reading the newspaper," said Mark McKenzie.

These drivers agree---distracted driving is a big problem in Lubbock.

"I got a call from a constituent a few weeks back, who said you know I drive Marsha Sharp all the time and I notice distracted drivers is there anything else we can do," said District 3 City Councilman Todd Klein.

Klein is hoping to cut down on distracted driving on Lubbock roads, but he's not interested in adding a specific ban.

"There's no need to have additional, and any additional laws would arguably exacerbate not alleviate the problem," said Klein. "We already have the enforceability with existing laws, in fact any other additional laws I personally have always made the case are going to be less enforceable because people are going to start hiding that cell phone, if that is what they've got to do, engage in that kind of dangerous behavior."

Klein will be proposing a public awareness campaign at this week's council meeting. He hopes to get the public involved in the discussion.

"Its not something that is going unaddressed right now and that is sort of the misimpression being put out there in a confused sort of fashion that somehow we need an additional rule out there to address this, we don't, its already being addressed but we do need a public awareness campaign. We've already got some out there but let's see what we can do to add to it," he said.

These drivers said they'd like to see a campaign for safer driving in Lubbock.

"I think its great, I think its great I hope it passes," said Rangel.

"I think we need to. You know I think people do need to be aware of save driving," said McKenzie.
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