Covenant Medical Center Celebrates Last 2013 Baby, First 2014 Baby

Covenant Medical Center celebrated for the first baby born in the new year, as well as the last one born in 2013.
By Monica Yantosh

LUBBOCK, TX -- Covenant Medical Center celebrated two extra special deliveries this week, one being the last baby born in 2013, and the other was the first baby born in 2014.

The last baby born on December 31st, 2013 is Aniston Greene, to parents Megan and Aaron.  She was born at 10:07 p.m. and has a big sister, Ainsley, age 3. 

"We're excited to have her here, and see what happens in 2014."  Aaron said.

Both parents said when Megan began having contractions and they left for the hospital, they thought they would have been the first baby in 2014, but were surprised when Aniston came a little earlier than expected.

"Well, that's what we thought coming in, we thought we'd be 2014," Aaron said.

"She came fast," Megan said.

"Yeah she did," Aaron said. "A little surprise at the end of the year."

Staff at Covenant Medical Center said they were surprised with how long it took before they had the first baby born in the new year. They said many expected it to happen overnight, and were surprised when the first 2014 baby at their hospital wasn't delivered until the afternoon.

At 12:43 p.m., parents Theresa and Jesse Randle welcomed So'Unique Miracle Randle into the world.

"It was a surprise at 6:30 in the morning, with a lot of pain, and then just a dash, and scramble to the hospital," Theresa said. She told us she was not due until January 12th, so they were not thinking they would be the first 2014 baby at all.

"God's really blessed us, we're really lucky, you know, to have a healthy baby and just to have it on New Years, it's pretty cool, I think it's really cool," Theresa said.

When asked if the baby's name had anything to do with not only the early birth, but her new birthday, Jesse and Theresa said the name was picked out for a while, to go along with big sister's name, Sapphire Dreams.

"We were thinking of names with S's because our other daughter has an S and my twin sister came up with 'So'Unique' because we wanted it to be unique, and she just said so unique," Jesse said.

Both families are happy and healthy.
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