Crosbyton Woman Feels Violated by Police Officer Pat Down

Mary Barbosa says Crosbyton police were inappropriate with her this weekend.
A Crosbyton woman says she felt violated,after being searched by police.

Mary Barbosa was pulled over Sunday for no insurance.

After Barbosa got a ticket,  she says an officer asked her to step out of the car.

He then searched hear and patted down her body.

She says the officer used the back of his hand on certain parts of her body.... but feels like a female officer should have done it.

"I just felt bad he started touching me. Because, like I said, he went between my legs and he patted my bottom. And he did my breast .And that was it.," she told us.

Barbosa does claim that she asked for a female officer to do the search.

This afternoon-- Crosbyton police spoke to KAMC News on camera. They say that until they get Barbosa's complaint in writing - they can't talk much about the investigations for this case.

The Crosbyton police cheif  tells us that if a woman is pulled over by a male officer, if the officer feels it is necessary to do a quick pat down on a female searching for weapons... it is legally allowed.

More tonight at 10. 
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