50th Annual Rattlesnake Roundup in Big Spring

Some snakes were fried for lunch, others had their venom extracted, but all five hundred pounds of snakes were a hit with the little ones.
BIG SPRING, TX (Big 2 News) -- "They wriggle their tail, and they, I saw one try to bite a cowboy guy and it missed,” said snake lover Marcus Rios.

Six year old Marcus Rios is talking about rattlesnakes. More specifically, Western Diamondbacks.

All five hundred pounds of them at the fiftieth annual Rattlesnake Roundup in Big Spring.

"I saw some big snakes, and I touched them,” said snake lover Trustin Lefever.

Dennis Burns, who has been handling snakes for twenty-five years, told me what gets these rattlers rattling.

"They sense your body presence with heat, and if you just get too close they're going to start rattling,” said Burns.

Kids and parents gathered as venom gets extracted from the snakes mouth, in a process called milking. While some snakes got milked, others got fried. But the idea of eating rattlesnake for lunch didn’t sound so good to the little ones.

"No,” said Lefever.


But, if you are going to take the plunge and try the snake, Burns says you need to plunge it into…

"Ranch dressing, everything's better with ranch,” said Burns.
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